The annual Teaching With Purpose Conference (TWPC), now in its 6th year inspires and informs teachers, administrators, parents, students and community organizers in Oregon and across the nation about the importance of culturally responsive teaching and culturally relevant pedagogies.

It is organized during one of Oregon’s statewide in-service day. And, it has three goals:

1) Activate equity-focused policy (e.g., SB103 1999; Equity Lens);

2) Support and inspire leadership for culturally responsive pedagogical and institutional practices; and

3) Develop a network of educators committed to extending culturally responsive pedagogies and leadership practices around the country.

TWPC builds knowledge: We invite nationally acclaimed education experts to discuss, share, celebrate, increase knowledge and ignite passion about evidence-based, culturally responsive practices for teaching.

TWPC recharges: Hundreds of educators, students and parents are re-energized by speakers, policy makers and interactive workshops to engage and continue the work
towards educational equity and advance culturally responsive teaching and administrative practice.

TWPC advances policy: We organize educational town halls, concurrent workshop sessions and seminars, culturally relevant curriculum camps, and a monthly leadership institute, led by Dr. Geneva Gay, to solidify capacity of teachers, faculty supervisors, teacher leaders, community members, and school and district administrators to incorporate culturally responsive pedagogies throughout their schools and districts.

TWPC collaborates: We engage educators from K-12 sectors; school administrators, such as superintendents, district or central office leadership and principals; parents and students; community organizations; social workers: and community-based leaders in a common goal of empowering all students to be future leaders.